New York Times  *CRITIC'S PICK*

Oren Safdie's thought-provoking drama examines the selective nature of memory in the age of Dov Charney... A woman (Gizel Jimenez) recalls her predatory boss (A Very Good  Jonathan Silver) for her prospective lawyer (Tommy Schrider).

The show, under Sarah C. Carlsen's direction sails smoothly, and the cast - especially Mr. Silver, who originated his role in a Montreal production in 2014 is uniformly sturdy.


"Jonathan Silver was astonishing as Ira Slatsky the king of sleaze. His portrayal was eerily snake like and had elements of Commedia Del Arte. Silver’s frantic movement was as mesmerizing as it was repulsive. He was so convincing in his role and so utterly believable as the villain that I genuinely craved a bath at the end of the piece.

Thought Catalogue

"Jonathan Silver did a fucking fantastic job as [Dov Charney,] in his mannerisms, his voice, his energy—more importantly, his appeal. Ira’s character was written to be monstrous. But he was also so loveable. It was portrayed beautifully by Silver. 

The Barnstable Patriot

"Jonathan Silver steals the show. He renders Bardian English in a conversational way that makes its meaning contemporary, and his on-stage expressions and body language are frequently hilarious and always on the money."